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Fruit Kabobs

North American "cantaloupes", actual...
North American “cantaloupes”, actually a type of muskmelon. Deutsch: Cantaloupe-Melone (Cucumis melo var. cantalupensis) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1 1/2 inch cubes cantaloupe

1 1/2 inch slices banana

1 1/2 inch cubes fresh pineapple

Sliced crab apples

Fresh peach, nectarine, or apricot halveS

Large, stemmed cherries

Unpeeled apples, sliced into quarters lengthwise

Unpeeled pears, sliced into quarters lengthwise

Lemon or orange juice

Poppy or celery seed fruit dressing

Brush any combination of the above fruits with lemon or orange juice and thread on skewers, small or large, and grill or broil, 5 inches from the heat source, for 5 minutes, brushing with fruit dressing several times. Turn carefully once during cooking. Serve with additional dressing if desired.



Chef and Chocolatier maker, who loves to share and swap recipes.

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